Welcome to NFBC!

Whether you're checking out our website to learn more about us or you're a long-time member looking for updates, we're glad to welcome you. As we move into our 25th year together, many things are happening at NFBC and we hope you'll consider joining us on the journey.

To express this, we've begun to describe ourselves as a church that is "one family, many homes".

One family. Here at NFBC, we know each other and go through life's ups and downs together. Some of us have been here for decades and others for just a few weeks, but we all share this sense of family. It's not uncommon to have several generations of one family present at church, and we celebrate this. We're gathered together by what Jesus has done for us and we're intentionally intergenerational and intercultural, though we began as a Filipino church.

Many homes. We are a church on a mission. As we push forward into the future, we also appreciate the uniqueness of our story and our place in Jesus' mission to bring people from different backgrounds into God's family. As our church family diversifies, our staff and leadership reflect this. We see biblical diversity as spiritual and multidimensional, and we're committed to empowering all of our members to serve through their resources, gifts, and cultural perspectives wherever they live.

In this important season, we're humbled with gratitude for all that God has done to bring NFBC to this point, and we're hopeful that this strong start will open up an even better future for the people we're blessed to serve. If we can serve you in any way, please contact us here and let us know how. May you sense God's presence with us!

Pastor Jay Catanus
Lead Pastor, NFBC