Sunday Service

Sundays mornings at 10:30am, we come together for our weekly time of meeting God and growing our relationships. We seek to be a safe place for prayer and encouragement, for hearing God speak timeless truth in fresh ways, and for bringing our whole family together in worship that leads us Spiritually. Our folks feel comfortable in jeans and t-shirts as well as in suits or dresses, but we all come to encounter God and support one another. Child care is provided.

Sunday School

In order to help our families grow healthy in community, we invite you to join us at 9:30am before the service for a focused time of learning and spiritual formation. Through our pastors and trained leaders, we seek to provide Christian perspective on a wide range of life issues faced by members of our family. Some mornings, we gather for deep, theological teaching and on other mornings, we meet for intentional, intergenerational prayer and relationship-building. If you're still searching through who Jesus is or if you're looking for what He says about life in college, we hope to serve you. Regardless of our activity that morning, come early, grab a cup of coffee, and join us.

Prayer Service

Wednesdays, 7 PM in the sanctuary

As a church, prayer is central to our health and spiritual vitality. While we can pray to God from wherever we are, we sometimes have special concerns that compel us to pray with others who can bear those burdens with us. Whether because you love to pray for people, need prayer for yourself, or simply can't attend any other gathering, we invite you to join our prayer service on Wednesdays at 7pm. The time is informal, and brief, but committed to sincere prayer.

Youth Service

Fridays, 7 PM in the gym

Though we're a church family, we recognize that every generation has its own concerns and needs a unique space for asking the difficult questions of life. Also, because we love our young people and want to encourage their spiritual growth, we hold a gathering just for them and their peers to have fun and learn about God under the care of a pastor and with their own mentors. We welcome junior high and high school students to this, and there is an adult group meeting simultaneously where many of the parents attend after dropping off their kids.